12 projects to do before 2012

No more procrastinating! 2011 is coming to an end, and with that my habit of saying “i’ll do it later”. Right now, the apartment “to do” list looks like this:

  • Wallpaper and organize home office. The bookcase and desk are there, but I need to properly utilize the storage I have and create a great place for working, blogging, and screwing around the ‘net.
  • Decide on and install new light fixtures in dining room, entry way, and bedroom. Update: The dining room and entry fixtures have been chosen…onto the bedroom.
  • Paint the bathroom. I can easily do this myself in an afternoon (or the way I work, at 11pm)
  • Paint the kitchen and cabinets. Install new hardware on the cabinet doors
  • Choose and install wallpaper for accent wall in bedroom.
  • Have carpet cut into rugs for living room.
  • Frame prints for Living Room and Bathroom.
  • Find some inexpensive accessories for the living room.
  • Organize the closet from hell. It’s like Fibber McGee in there.
  • Organize little projects – medicine cabinet, kitchen drawers, end/entry table drawers. Just do it!
  • Clean out clothes closets and donate anything that I will not wear anymore.
  • Goal: Blog every day – the days get away from me and the next thing I know, I am in bed with David Letterman – Will try to update at least three times a week.

I have found myself head over heels in love with the Blazing Poppies Wallpaper from Anthropologie. I have also found myself in possession of a roll or two at 80% off retail price. Huzzah!

At that price, it is almost as if the Design Gods are saying that I need a little color in my life. Where to put this glorious pattern? A bit too bold for the bedroom, would be a sin to hide from the world as drawer liner, wouldn’t go in the living room or dining room – perhaps the office? A colorful pattern like this could certainly inspire some much needed creativity and energy to an otherwise bland and dark closet (thanks to an electrical outlet and phone jack, I am converting an entry-hall closet into a much-needed office space) though the decorating process has been filled with much indecision and error – until now, maybe?

The best part? I am told this paper has a special backing making it easy to hang AND eventually remove. Perfect for a renter like me!

One last thing: I would like to thank those who have tweeted, e-mailed, and otherwise contacted me about this adventure in blogging with their advice support and kind words. I have been neglecting WM for a few weeks but I promise to be back up and running with daily posts (and even a new blog design) very soon.

Existing Living Room

I have a pretty good starting point for my living room. With around 4 years of CraigsList luck, and some great sale finds, I am just a few finishing touches away from completing the room.

The source list (with links when available) and the mood board are below:

Rug: Crate and Barrel floor sample from 2009

Sofa: Soho from ZGallerie

Credenza: Vintage

Screen: Vintage

Chairs: Astrid Chair from Anthropologie (floor sample on clearance from 2006 collection currently available in different upholstery) and Eames Lounge Chair (via CraigsList)

End Tables: Vintage

Coffee Table: Urban Outfitters (circa 2005 – no longer available)

Drapes: Linen Cotton Grommet Window Panel in Espresso – West Elm

Lamps: Coral Lamp circa 2006 from Anthropologie (similar here)

Pouf: Home Goods (similar here)

Pillows: Crate and Barrel, Target and Etsy (no longer available)

Art: Burst Wall Pods – Chiasso

Bedroom Game Plan – Part Two

My existing bedroom isn’t bad – not at all. In fact, it looks good for a room that has been virtually untouched since move-in day.

When I moved, the pieces I had were so neutral that they would have worked together anywhere. The linens are white, the bed is beige, and the furniture, though mismatched, has classic lines that work well together.

Why is this so annoying? Why does this keep me up at night? (Other than the squeaking ceiling fan that is on the way out)

It is SO bland. No personality and it appears to be thrown together (as it was) with spare and existing parts. Plus, the storage needs to be expanded and the two dresser drawers are not cutting it right now. The lamps and art are not to the right scale, and it seems to be aimless.

What to do with this empty canvas? Here is the plan:

First, something needs to be done with those walls. The existing color is Wheat Bread by Behr, which is a good base, but was chosen on a very rushed shopping trip. My idea is to have a metallic floral wallpaper installed on the wall behind the bed, to add a focal point, and interest to an otherwise basic square room.

The wallpaper shown is OhJoy Petal Pusher by the Hygge & West. Or, I could scrap that idea and paint the focal wall a darker color, or add a stencil design.

The bed and crisp white linens stay, but they are joined by a lovely ash coverlet and matching pillows from Dwell Studio. Or something similar.

The existing dresser and nightstands have been sold on CraigsList, with the profits going towards an amazing vintage set from the 1960’s (Photos to Come!).

The wonky and insubstantial lamps are going, to be replaced by more substantial ones, perhaps these Cada Lamps from West Elm. I am also keeping my eye out for some vintage lamps with classic lines.

The ceiling fan is going to be replaced by either another fan, or something like this flush-mount Jonathan Adler Parker fixture.

The Rug, an Ikea Stockholm Rand that I snagged on CraigsList a few years is staying put, as is the bed, a Draper Upholstered Bed from World Market, also a lucky CL find.

Bedroom Game Plan

Oh, get your mind out of the gutter.

Since I moved to my great new apartment (vintage 1920’s building, unexpectedly large space that I chose for the ridiculous amount of closet space), I have been clueless as to what to do with the bedroom. Searching old issues of Elle Decor, Domino, and trolling Flickr and Pinterest turned up nothing. Finally, months after unpacking, I have a vision of what I want the room to be. I guess it is an original idea in practice, but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t draw inspiration from two places:

Mark and Sunshine Ruffalo’s Bedroom from Domino Magazine circa 2009:

Dooce mastermind and blogging ninja Heather Armstrong’s Master Bedroom circa 2009:

I have a pretty good base with the bed. rug, and paint color (still undecided if I am going to actually keep it the same color)

  • Ikea Stockholm Rand Rug
  • World Market Draper Bed
  • Behr/Home Depot Paint in Wheat Bread Shade
I will add some “Before” pictures of this tomorrow as well as a resource list (and a dream plan – not going to happen on my budget, but we can improvise, can’t we?

After reading design and fashion blogs for years, and getting inspiration from many people and their beautiful blogs all over the world for my own place, I decided to start my own.

My personal style can politely be described as “eclectic”. I believe that danish modern and moroccan styles can go hand-in-hand. I believe that the best home design treasures can be found on craigslist and the back of a flea market rather than the most expensive store. Whimsical Malcontent will serve as a digital archive of all of the design voices in my head – and as a depository of random home renovation trial-and-error.

Occasional store reviews, restaurant reviews and randomness will also appear. So, watch this space….

And away we go.